The Detention Division consists of approximately 67 employees. This includes a Medical Department under the supervision of Coffee Regional Medical Center. The Coffee County Jail also has a contracted food service that provides all meals to inmates. The Coffee County Jail is responsible for housing pre-trial inmates and those that are currently sentenced to the Department of Corrections. We have an average of 275-302 inmates daily. The Sheriff, Jail Administrator, and Detention Staff are responsbile for the operation and control of the Jail. All staff are required to act fairly and humanely according to the laws of Georgia in maintaining the safety and security for staff members, civilians, and all inmates.

Upon arrest, the inmate must go through the booking process, which is the same for everyone regardless of the charge. Inmates will be given the opportunity to use the telephone once the booking process is completed to contact their family, attorney, and/or bondsman. The Coffee County Jail is a smoke-free facility, and any tobacco products, lighters, or matches are strictly prohibited inside the Jail.


All Detention Officers are required to successfully complete the required Georgia P.O.S.T. Jail Officer Training upon employment and are required to attend training on an annual basis. The Coffee County Jail is required to maintain the fire safety codes and the department of health codes set forth by the State of Georgia.


All inmates have access to an on-staff Chaplain and church service programs, commissary services, television services, telephone services, mail services, and personal visitation services.


The Detention Officers work alternating 12-hour shifts that consist of two different day and 2 different night shifts. Each shift has a shift supervisor if anyone has any any questions regarding the operation of the jail 24/7. Any questions regarding the operations can be directed to the Captain Kim Phillips, Jail Administrator at 912-383-6398.



The public’s trust is essential for the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office to perform its mission of protecting all citizens and enforcing the law.


As part of our core values, the CCSO strives to merit and maintain the public’s trust, embrace and deliver professional service, protect our citizens with honor and courage, exemplify ethical conduct at all times, and develop, encourage and care for our Sheriff’s Office family. These values are applied throughout the organization, including the Coffee County Jail.


This portal was created to provide citizens with family and friends incarcerated within the Coffee County Jail a more direct method of submitting “Quality of Life” concerns related to jail operations. Examples of a Quality of Life concern would include an inmate’s access to appropriate services such as:


  • Access to medical care

  • Access to mental health care

  • Food service

  • Sanitation

  • Jail activities such as visitation, recreation, and religious services


To voice a Quality of Life concern, please click on the link below and be prepared to provide as much information as possible. To help the Sheriff’s Office check into your concern and respond in a timely manner, we ask that you provide:


  • Your name

  • Contact information to include your email address and phone number

  • The inmate’s name

  • The inmate’s System Person Number (SPN)

  • A description of the concern to include any applicable dates and times


Once your Quality of Life concern has been submitted, please allow for the issue to be researched and a resonse to be routed back to your email address. The Sheriff’s Office will strive to respond to your concern as quickly as possible.

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office takes great pride in providing the public with professional, transparent service. This link serves as another example of our dedication to the citizens of Coffee County.

IMPORTANT: This link is intended to only address basic Quality of Life concerns within the jail. Please contact Sheriff Doyle Wooten directly to report any alleged criminal acts or employees misconduct, such as excessive use of force or official oppression.


*If you are submitting your Quality of Life concern after normal business hours, on weekends, or holidays, and your Quality of Life concerns a LIFE THREATENING SITUATION such as suicidal or a MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS requiring immediate attention, please call our Inmate Information Number @ 912-383-6398.




  • Must have a photo ID (official)

  • Property Bonds: Property must be worth double the bond amount.

  • If land is in more than one name, all parties must be present to sign bond.

  • If one of the landowners listed is deceased, then an official death certificate must be presented.

  • Mobile homes are not acceptable forms of bond/bail collateral.

  • Out-of-county Bond: Same requirements apply. Note: There may be an additional fee required in other county.


  • 9:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M. Monday-Friday (You must go online to jailfunds.com 24 hours ahead to set up visit)

  • We now offer online visitations also

  • No visitation on weekends.

  • No visitation on holidays - Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day (September 1st), Thanksgiving (November 27th), Christmas (December 25th)

  • It is against our Policy to provide Contact Visits. (The only exceptions to this is for legal or medical reasons that must be pre-approved).


  • Appropriate attire required: No sleeveless shirts or revealing clothing

  • No foul language, flashing, eating, or drinking

  • 2 adult visitors at a time/ 15-minute intervals

  • 3 total visits per week
    (not per person visiting)

  • We cannot keep or hold personal property during visitation.


  • How do I receive phone calls from an inmate?

  • All inmates can make outside calls to approved family and friends.

  • No incoming calls can be received except for voicemail messages to approved inmates.

  • Each inmate will be given access to the telephone upon the completion of the booking process.

  • Telephones for private use are located in each housing area.

  • Inmate calls (local and long distance) are billed at a per-minute rate, with no connection fees.

  • International calls are also billed at a per-minute rate.

  • Three-way calls are prohibited.

  • The calling rates for Coffee County Sheriff / Jail are shown below: 
    Calling Rates
    Call Type    Inmate Pre-Paid    Pre-Paid Collect 
    Local               $0.18                           $0.18
    In-State           $0.19                           $0.19
    Out-Of-State   $0.25                           $0.21
    International   $0.50                            $0.50

  • To create and fund Pre-Paid Collect accounts, please visit NCIC Inmate Communication’s website at: https://account.ncic.com  (Para Espanol, https://cuenta.ncic.com ) or call our call center at 1-800-943-2189.


  • Commissary orders must be placed by 10 pm on Sunday & Wednesday nights
  • ​To put money onto an inmate's account, please visit commissarydeposit.com
  • To set up a  vistiation/email with inmates go to http://www.jailfunds.com/. On site visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and are free. Online visits can be set up at anytime for a fee.